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Master Driving School is a locally owned driving school offering driver education for Antigonish, New Glasgow and Port Hawkesbury.

At Master Driver School, we go above and beyond to ensure a truly engaging and professional experience for our students.

With a steadfast dedication to delivering top-notch service, we employ innovative skills and cutting-edge techniques to provide you with the most up-to-date content available. We firmly believe that staying current is essential in equipping our students with the knowledge they need to make safe and responsible driving decisions.

Our primary focus is to create a warm and secure environment that fosters learning and growth for every student who walks through our doors. We understand the importance of feeling welcomed and supported during the learning process, and we strive to make that a reality for each and every individual we serve.

Reach out today to experience the exceptional quality of Master Driver School. Where professionalism, innovation, and safety converge to shape the best possible learning experience for you.

Meet The Masters!

At Master Driver School, we take pride in our exceptional team of driving instructors who are passionate about teaching and dedicated to your success on the road. Each member of our team brings a unique blend of expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to provide you with the highest quality driving education.

Our instructors are not just teachers but mentors who genuinely care about your progress and safety. They possess extensive knowledge of the latest driving techniques and regulations, ensuring that you receive up-to-date and relevant instruction. With their patient and supportive approach, they create a comfortable learning environment where you can build confidence behind the wheel.

Whether you’re a beginner just starting your driving journey or seeking to enhance your skills, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. They will tailor their instruction to your individual needs, helping you develop the essential skills necessary to become a responsible and confident driver.

Get ready to be inspired and empowered. Together, we will transform you into a skilled driver equipped to navigate the roads with confidence and safety.

Shandra MacMaster

Founder/Principle Instructor

Shandra is the owner, operator & principal instructor at Master Driving School.

Shandra graduated from Saint Francis Xavier University not only with a Bachelor of Business Administration but a passion for entrepreneurship. Through dedication, determination and hard work, she quickly made her vision a reality becoming a youth entrepreneur in the community of Antigonish. Shandra owns and operates numerous transportation businesses.

Furthermore, Shandra is an active outgoing member of the Antigonish community. Her participation and contributions began at an early age. Growing up she was an active member in many capacities within: student council, 4-H programs, Antigonish Creative Dance Association, Junior Achievement and volunteering throughout numerous programs. She continues to give back throughout numerous organizations.

Shandra is both friendly and self-assured. Through her varied experiences, she has gained exceptional knowledge, leadership and communication skills. She takes pride in developing professional relationships including with her students. Indeed her positive attitude, empathy and encouragement help to ensure each student feels comfortable learning from day one to the driver’s road test. Watching her students’ progress and grow as competent drivers and as individuals throughout the program highlights Shandra’s love of her career as a driving instructor.

Shandra feels very grateful and looks forward to working with students for many years to come!

Lorraine White

Course Instructor

An East coaster by heart, Lorraine was born in Toronto but grew up in Cape Breton. As a kid, she discovered her love of driving and vehicles while tagging along with her father and helping his deliveries as a truck driver.

Her passion and love for driving extends far beyond her own personal enjoyment, well into her teaching style, and ultimately into the lives of the students she teaches. This passion, paired by Lorraine’s great joy in helping and assisting others, guides her ability to put our students at ease and makes her an asset to the Master Driver Team.

Blessed with the gift of gab, Lorraine has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable in her presence. Whether determining students’ needs and setting up their goals, helping build confidence their first time behind the wheel, or celebrating their graduation, Lorraine creates an enjoyable experience every step of the way.

Kevin Knocton

Course Instructor

A Nish local, Kevin brings 40 years of driving experience (and numerous driving awards) to the Master Driver team. Whether he’s behind the wheel of his school bus or helping our students learn the rules of the road, Kevin’s knowledge and devotion to safety is always at the forefront of his endeavours.

Anyone who knows Kevin is well aware of his knowledge of road rules & regulations, as well as his friendly and easy going attitude. We are so thankful to have Kevin as part of our team. This family oriented father of 3 understands the importance of providing a safe and welcoming environment no matter what your age or driving experience.

Brent Collins

Course Instructor

Brent graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 2008 with a passion for teaching. This passion paired with his genuine excitement to both meet and work with our students is what makes Brent a perfect addition to the Master Driver Team.

Brent’s former positions in the car industry, his knowledge, love and understanding of vehicles will prove him to be an asset to our students both in the classroom and behind the wheel.

Outside work, Brent dedicates his time to promoting local music and talent in the Antigonish area. When he’s not teaching private guitar lessons or busy as a St. Francis Xavier music instructor, you just may be lucky enough to catch him on stage as a local artist and performer.

"Our key focus is to create a welcoming and safe environment for every student."

Shandra MacMaster | Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to get private lessons instead of completing the full course?2023-07-18T16:43:16-03:00

Absolutely! Whether you’re embarking on our full course or pursuing a different driving path, we offer private lessons that cater to your individual needs.Private lessons are available at $60 per session.

Do I need to pay for my packages all at once?2023-07-31T15:58:20-03:00

We believe in making your journey to become a Master Driver as smooth as a joyride. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans for our packages, ensuring that driver’s education is accessible to everyone. Buckle up and let us help you hit the road towards your driving dreams!

Please visit our Pricing Page.

Do I need to take the full driver education course?2023-07-18T16:45:01-03:00

While you’re free to choose your own adventure, taking the full driver education course at Master Driver School is the best route to get you there! Not only will you enjoy maximum insurance discounts and a reduced waiting period, but you’ll also receive top-notch theory and in-car instruction from our government-certified instructors.

Do I only need the driving time with you to complete my final road test?2023-07-18T16:41:23-03:00

While driving time with us is a blast, we highly recommend regular practice to ace that final road test. Embrace the skills you’ve learned throughout the course and make them your own on the open road. Let’s make driving fun and masterful together!

How many classes do I have to attend?2023-07-18T16:45:56-03:00

Our program is designed to make learning a blast, with 25 hours of in-class awesomeness that you’ll need to complete. Don’t worry about your busy schedule, because we’ve got you covered with weekend and after-school classes that fit perfectly into your action-packed life. Let’s hit the road together!

How many in car lessons must I complete?2023-07-18T16:46:47-03:00

At Master Driver School, we’ve got you covered with a minimum of 10 in-car lessons as part of our full driver education course. Plus, we offer different packages tailored to your needs, so you can hit the road with confidence!

What age can I begin Driver Education?2023-07-18T16:47:52-03:00

At Master Driver School, we believe that the early bird catches the wheel! You can join our exciting in-class sessions even before you blow out the candles on your 16th birthday, ensuring you have a head start on your driver education adventure. Kickstart your journey to becoming a master driver!

What happens if I miss an in-class session?2023-07-18T16:48:25-03:00

If you miss an in-class session at Master Driver School, we’ve got you covered. Attend a makeup session during the next course and don’t miss a beat on your road to becoming a master driver!

Here’s what people have to say about us.

Andrea D.
Google Review

Master Driver School provided an excellent learning experience for my son! Everything was very well run, organized and efficient! The instructors were wonderful, patient, kind and encouraging. My son always came home from his lessons in a great mood and passed his driving exam on his first try! Can’t say enough good things about this driving school!

Christine M.
Google Review

All of the staff were very friendly and accommodating. They responded to any questions we had along the way promptly. We live in New Glasgow, and they were able to arrange the lessons right here! We weren’t expecting that and truly appreciated it. Our son gained the confidence and skills needed as he ventures off into the next chapter for him! We highly recommend Master Driving School.

Lisa K.
FB Review

My son took his driver training through Master Driving School, and he had a wonderful experience. The instructor was very knowledgeable, organized, and very motivating. She was reliable, and had a wonderful way of teaching, with many great tips, and positive feedback. I highly recommend this driver training school.

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