Full Drivers Education Course

A 35 hour course, a full pass.

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    Are you ready to take the next step in receiving your license?

    This program is for all ages! The Full Drivers Education course is designed and accredited by Access Nova Scotia providing you with both theory and in-car knowledge.

    Benefits of completing this course:

    • Government certified certificate once completed.
    • Maximum insurance discounts.
    • Reduced waiting period from 12 to 9 months.
    • Approved Graduated Licensed course.
    • Instruction provided by government certified instructors.
    • Includes 6 Hour Defensive Driving Course certificate (to have the “N” removed from your license).

    The course includes:

    • 25 hours of theory instruction in the classroom.
    • Theory Instruction text book: Todays Driver Manual / Learn to Drive by NTSA.
    • Workbook materials for classroom and in-car documentation.
    • 10,15 or 20 hours of private in-car instruction.
    • Vehicle provided for all lessons and final road test.
    • Winter Driving lessons.

    We encourage new drivers to complete the theory section before getting in-car lessons, this allows students to feel more prepared for their driving experience. Affordable payment plans are also available for the course!

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